OUR Goals:


The organization aims Providing energy-saving products and solutions of high quality, gaining the confidence of our customers, designing, supplying and installing energy systems according to customer requirements and spreading the culture of energy conservation in the society for its importance in economical saving and its great role in achieving optimum utilization of electrical energy.

About DAR ALTARSHEED organization:


Because of the excessive consumption of power, electricity and absence of the culture of rationalization and finding radical solutions to reduce the increase in consumption of electric power or the tariff of an electric bill, we in DAR ALTARSHEED organization make a detailed study to the current situation for power consumption in the Saudi market. We observed a difference in motivations to save power consumption, There are some people see they have to save power consumption to save money. Other people see they have to save power to keep our environment clean from gases. Through our organization DAR ALTARSHEED you can save energy consumption by many solutions like improvement and modification of electrical devices or using developed devices to decrease the high consumption of electricity or controlling our daily routine and modify it to cause a difference in our consumption.

OUR Vision:


To make DAR ALTARSHEED organization a pioneer locally and globally by providing solutions and engineering technical solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial and service sectors to rationalize energy consumption.